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Lamborghini Chelmsford

M&A Coachworks are the nominated repairer for Lamborghini Chelmsford.

If you are a customer of Lamborghini Chelmsford you have the added assurance that M&A Coachworks are the nominated and recommended by the Dealership.

Our close business relationship further enhances the repair process by giving us access to their dealer systems, technical information and trained personnel. Calling on this valuable experience, if required, is totally unique and only available to their nominated repairer.

Coupled with our close links to the UK’s leading insurance companies, who also endorse and recommend M&A Coachworks, your vehicle could not be in more capable hands.

All our repairs are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee and maintains the manufacturer perforation warranty.

Why M&A?

Only The Best Body Repairers

We are the nominated Lamborghini repair centre for Lamborghini Tunbridge and our close relationship with them gives us full diagnostic and technical support, in addition to our own fully approved equipment, ensuring your vehicle’s reinstatement to its pre-accident condition, using the exact manufacturer specification, data, equipment, computers and tooling.


The Exact Manufacturer Specification

  • Our highly-trained technicians are highly competent to undertake repairs (including structural) to Lamborghini vehicles.
  • We fully adhere to Lamborghini’s recommendations on repair methods, materials and parts to ensure that the vehicle is returned to the manufacturers exacting standards following repairs.
  • Our alignment, equipment and tooling are fully approved by Lamborghini and are specially designed to return the vehicle to the original factory build specification.

Awarded For Workmanship

In 2019 M&A Coachworks won the Motor Trader Bodyshop of the Year and Bodyshop Magazine Specialist Bodyshop of the Year.
All our repairs are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee as well as maintaining the manufacturers own perforation warranty.

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