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Valeting and Detailing

£250 + VAT

Not only can you protect your cars bodywork, but also your wheels and callipers. This Ceramic Coating will ensure much better protection for these parts of your vehicle, whilst also becoming much easier to clean, as brake dust and road tar does not bond with the ceramic.

Small Vehicle - £900 + VAT | Large Vehicle - £1200 + VAT

Seal and protect with one of two available Ceramic Coatings. Both products will give your car an amazing glossy finish whilst protecting it from the elements. Carpro Finest Reserve is renowned as the best Ceramic Coating on the market. Only available to a select group of accredited installers. Whilst this is the best Ceramic Coating available, PPF can be covered with Carpro Cquartz Professional for the Ultimate Protection.

£200 + VAT

This acts as a shield from all forms of dirt. This treatment will also make your roof water repellent which enables you to clean it with ease. Please see our social media for some brilliant examples of this!

£600 + VAT

M&A Coachworks now offer Windshield Protection Film (WPF) which is designed to resist chips, scratches, and virtually all other forms of road & racing damage, making it the ultimate choice for windshield protection! The proprietary design features highly dense & elastic layers, allowing the WPF to absorb and disperse even the most substantial shocks.

Thanks to its hydrophobic property, WPF also offers excellent weatherproofing, effectively preventing damage caused by harsh climates and the environment. The film is easily applied on curved surfaces and requires no heat guns or shrinkage when used. Once installed, it offers continuous protection which vastly reduces the need for glass replacement, ADAS sensor recalibration, and other costly repair procedures.

£200 + VAT

Interior valet carried out before applying - our ‘Leather Shield’ will protect your interior from future stains and discolouration. Whilst doing this, it will also maintain it’s beautiful smell.

£150 + VAT

Similar to the fabric roof coating, this treatment will protect the glass while making it water repellent – so much so that your wipers may become redundant when travelling over 40mph! The water will roll straight off!


From 20% tints to 80% tints, give your vehicle that extra touch that makes it stand out. Completed with the highest quality materials and perfection in mind.

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